Apply for RV or Motorhome Loan Now

  • Minimum RV Loan amount or Refinancing your RV Loan $25,001
  • Minimum RV Loan –Finance Amount is $25,001 (Purchase- After Down Payment)
  • Minimum RV Loan – Finance Amount is $25,001 (Refinance)

Guidelines for Submitting an Online RV Motorhome Loan Application:

Accuracy: Complete the online Motorhome loan application as accurately as possible. Provide any applicable information regarding; Time at Address, Income, Job History, Contact Information, Etc.
Co-Applicant: A Co-Applicant is considered to be the spouse of the Primary Applicant with joint loans with the Primary Applicant. All other relationships would require a separate application and would be considered as a Co-Borrower.
Down Payment: All loans require a minimum down payment amount of 10%. The down payment requirement could be more based on the Purchase Price of the RV Motorhome, or the value of the RV Motorhome.
Finance Amount: Is the amount after the down payment has been applied. This must be over 25k to qualify.
Pre-Approval: We do offer pre-approvals which are valid for up to 60 days from the date of the approval and 30 days for the rate commitment. Pre-approvals are not valid solely on a dollar amount. You will be requested to supply information on a RV Motorhome you wish to consider financing with the understanding that you may opt to consider something else in the pre-approval time period allotted.
Price: Please provide an estimate of the Purchase Price, Sales Tax, Down Payment, and the Loan Request.